Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Obama Loves Pork

Another $410 billion dollar government spending package reveiled yesterday. Of course there is plenty of pork packed into the bill. The liberals need to pay off their sponsors. $2.2 million for the Center for Grape Genetics in upstate New York, thank you thanks to Senator Chuck Schumer, and Representatives Maurice Hinchey and Michael Arcuri.

And the always needed $500,000 for a Senate "pilot program" to defray the cost of mass-mail postcards notifying constituents of town-hall meetings.

They just do not get it. Congress has not figured out that we are out of money. There is no money left for goofing around like this. We need to stick to the things that are important. Our schools (which were not very good from the start) are firing teachers. The ones with the lowest tenure not the worst ones of course.

Americans are being forced to tighten their belts, it is time for the American Government to tighten its belt.

What happened to all of the promises to cut pork during the election?

I guess it was just a lot of hot air like everything else we heard from Obama.

Liberals are like giving candy to a baby. Obama gives them a lollipop and they do whatever he wants. Obama loves pork because it is an easy way to pay back the people that do what he wants.

Associated Press Taking Care of Their Own

Associated Press taking care of another terrorist. Happy that another terrorist was released from Gitmo. Associated Press is just giddy with the fact that this seven year detainee and accused dirty bomber is going to sue the U.S.
Binyam Mohamed, originally from Ethiopia where his parents still live, is currently staying in Britain, but they claim he may not be allowed to stay. He has siblings in the U.S. including one that is being detained in the brig at Charleston Naval Base, in South Carolina.
Most likely he will end up back in the U.S. may be Obama will give him a room at the White House next to his illegal aunt.
I still think the Obama's daughters will end up marrying a terrorist if their father continues to be President.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Photo of Your Typical Liberal

I can't hear you, neener, neener, neener. I don't think I have ever seen a photo that represents liberalism better than this photo.

Liberals just do not care about reality, whether it is about global cooling or the economy. If reality does not work for their agenda they just change it. Al Gore had his buddy James Hansen at Nasa change all of the data on global temperatures from 1933 to 1999 to fit his global warming agenda. Scientists around the world are wondering what in the world Nasa was thinking.

Now we have these same lame brains trying to turn around the economy. Good freaking luck!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cool Car Photo

Photo by Jeremy Noble

This picture reminds me of my back yard when I was a kid. As a matter of fact it just might be my back yard. My brother was given an old car when he was thirteen. I guess my parents thought that he would work on it and learn things. Well, he, of course, got it running and started driving it around the neighborhood. While my mother thought that he was in the back yard working on his new car, he was actually down the street doing donuts on a rival's front lawn. This of course was just the beginning of his lawlessness.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Conservatives Now keeping their Eyes Open

What Can Conservatives Now readers do today? Keep conservatism alive by reporting conservative news. Politics have gone to the democrats and we will all pay the price.

Today everyone needs to keep their eyes open. Keep your ears open and watch what Obama is doing. Don't let him fool you.

Also, don't think for a minute that there are not many conservatives out here, because there are a lot. At least half of our country is conservative. We need to band together even if we disagree on the small points. Our country needs saving and we are the only ones who can possibly save it.

First, let everyone know your opinion. I have found that many conservatives are afraid to let the loony left know what their opinions are. You should not do this. It is important for them to know that there is a stable and strong shoulder for them to lean on when the time comes.

There will be a time when the koolaid wears off or at least they fall over and at that time, they will need to know where to go for help. Make sure you are open to accept them. We need as many liberal left converts as we can get. Don't make them feel bad for falling for Obama, he has fooled many good people.

Don't Worry Be Happy

If anyone needs me, I will be hiding out on an island in the South Pacific. I just cannot stand to hear anymore from this Obama character. The hardest part is that I am loyal to my country and do not want anything bad to happen to it, but there is no way for me to stop it. Obama is on a mission to destroy this country and he has 50% of our people on his side helpping him do it.

I do not think that very many of the democrats will realize what is happening until it is way too late. I am sure he is planning to turn his position into a dictatorship. He will never leave the Presidency. I don't know his exact plans but I am sure that this socialist, marxist, communist, fascist, that calls himself Obama, is working day and night to keep his position permanently.

Has anyone heard anything from Kenya? When will we get the evidence that he was born in Kenya?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Unbelievably Bad Obama Stimulus Package

I cannot believe that Obama thinks this package will benefit America. I guess it might benefit the 21% of Americans that are not Caucasians, but just to be clear, Obama has let us know that this stimulus package is not for the 79% of Americans that are white.

Regardless, this package won't help anyone. Obama appears to be paying back all of the people that voted for him with health care for illegals and money for Acorn. It is disgusting. I cannot believe that congress would even consider passing it, but I guess because everyone is still in the trance of "we must do whatever Obama says", they probably will.

Obama is running the country like a father that keeps his kids nails clipped and hair combed but neglects to feed them. He is not looking at or trying to solve the real problems.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hamas Steals Food Aid - Wake Up People - They are Terrorists

For weeks now I have been hearing and reading that someone, our government or others, needs to stop Israel's attacks on the Gaza Strip. It just infuriates me that the media and the far left wing liberals have turned this situation into Israel attacking the poor homeless refugees of the Gaza Strip. I know that liberals and the media are not that dumb, they know that Israel is just protecting themselves, but they do not care! They are trying to turn the good guys into the bad guys, typical liberals!

And now we here that Hamas has stolen the food aid for Gaza. Uh, duh! That is who we are dealing with theives, bullies and terrorists. And Hamas is the group that the people of the Gaza Strip choose to represent them in the world. Mr. Obama, Hamas is the bad guy!

The one thing that Obama and the liberals have to understand is that the Palestinians and Hamas do not want peace with Israel, they want to destroy Israel. Make no mistake about it, there is no road map to peace.

Israel is protecting themselves and the United States of America needs to back them up. The liberal media needs to stop twisting the information that they are putting out on the airwaves. We, as American citizens, should demand accurate reporting.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Next thing you know Obama will order all Americans to wear Burkas

I new from the start that B.H. Obama was an extreme liberal muslim, but I thought that he would try to hide it more than he is. I think that he really believes that this is what Americans want, so he is not ashamed to hide it. I can't believe how he is catering to Muslims. The next thing you know he will require all American women to wear burkas just to make Muslims feel welcome.

He said that most Muslims are outstanding citizens. What is he talking about. When was the last time that you heard of a Muslim doing something outstanding. Are there any outstanding Muslim scientist or notable figures that you can think of, NOT! As a culture they are not know for being outstanding unless it is for terrorism.

I do believe that most Muslims would like to lead normal lives, but those are the ones that will be annihilated along with the rest of America as soon as evils of the world can get away with it.

I am just so angry I can't even write anymore. We need to find a decent President now and find Obama's birth certificate from Kenya to boot him out of office.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Is Anyone Paying Attention Out There - Obama taps Daschle

Another thief trying to explain why he did not pay his taxes, yet we as Americans should just ignore that fact and put him office again. This is really pathetic. Obama does not care if his cabinet has experience, integrity, character or honesty. He only wants them to be extemely left wing. If you are a left wing extremist, then you can easily get a job with Obama. When will Al Sharpton get a job with Obama or Charlie Rangel. Aren't they extreme enough for the big O.

Are the choices for extreme left wingers so few that he has to choose people like Tom Daschle and Leon Pinetta?

I think it is almost time for me to take a vacation. Please let me know where all of the conservatives vacation at so that I do not have to run into any liberal freaks while I am there.

I am starting to think that we need to divide this country in half so that at least we can save half of it. All of the conservatives need to band together. Of course, the conservative side of the country will get the military because the liberal side does not need it. They can diplomatically negotiate themselves out of any position.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Don't throw in the towel yet

I know that things are not looking good for conservatives right at this moment, however, I just want to let everyone know that I am hopeful and I know that Americans can and will persevere in the long run. I am not ready yet to give into Pat Buchanan's ideas that we are headed to the end of this great nation as written in his book "Death of the West". I do realize that we are coming dangerously close, but we can still pull it out if we try hard enough.

The first thing we need to do is find a decent President. It is absolutely crucial that we put up a viable candidate in 2012. I, of course, am still secretly hoping that we will get rid of the current President by proving that he was born in Kenya, but I digress. Obama's radical moves in his first week has opened the eyes of some of his kool aid drinkers. As they fall to the ground, a few of them are realizing that the kool aid was poisoned. I cannot count on enough of them realizing it in time. To best prepare we must find a good conservative candidate and get him prepared for the election in 2012.

I realize that being the President of the United States is not the easiest job in the world and it is difficult to find someone to take on such a task. We will need a lot of time to find someone so let's get started now. And please, no Sarah Palin, she is a great gal, but I do not think it is feasible for a variety of reasons.

Put on your thinking caps and start asking around.