Monday, March 23, 2009

Geithner Aides Worked Out the AIG Bonus'

Geithner Aids Worked Out the AIG Bonus'

Alarming news from Washington that Obama's top guy at the Treasury, Tim Geithner had his aides work on the AIG bonus'. Therefore they must have known about the bonus' and agreed with them.

Congress will grill Mr. Geithner and Ben Bernanke on Tuesday. I sure hope they ask some tough questions. We need to get to the bottom of this. But most importantly, Mr. Geithner's true colors need to be seen.

I believe Mr. Obama has known all along what type of gentleman Tim Geithner is and that is exactly who he wanted in office. Someone that he can control, but also someone that will do his dirty work because he has no integrity of his own.

800 Prison Camps in America Run By Fema

800 Prison Camps in America Run By Fema

Many Americans are unaware that there are 800 Prison Camps in America Run By Fema. These camps are empty of occupants but are fully staffed. Just in case of an emergency of course.

It is not known what the true purpose of these prison camps may be. Some thought it was in case the border was over run with illegals from Mexico. Others thought that may be they were for any terrorist found here in America. The truth is completely unknown.

The building and staffing of prison camps continue. Others are currently under construction.

This prison camps are never spoken of. I am so glad that the media is working for the people. They really keep us informed don't they.

I think that most of the media outlets are now foreign owned. They know exactly what they are doing. Keep information from the American public until it is too late. Did you see how they handled the nomination of Barack Obama?

Demand an answer, Americans need to know why these prison camps are being built and what their purpose may be.

Liberals Would Vandalize My Car If I Put On An Impeach Obama Sticker

Liberals Would Vandalize My Car If I Put On An Impeach Obama Sticker

I know how tolerant liberals like to say they are but I know that I could not get away with putting an Impeach Obama bumper sticker on my car unless I want my car to be vandalized by some far left wing liberal.

I have to see pro Obama stickers every day as well as Impeach Bush bumper stickers, but I would never consider vandalizing someones car, but that is because I am a reasonable person. Liberals on the other hand are psychotic. They cannot help themselves, liberalism is a mental disorder.

Or may be that is just an excuse that I have made up for them to explain their anti American behavior. It is just so hard to believe that people could live in this great country and then continually try to destroy it.

I really wish I still lived in a free country and I could put an Impeach Obama bumpersticker on my car without fearing retribution.

Obama's Mussolini Army

Obama's Mussolini Army

Many Americans are currently unaware of a movement in this country to start a volunteer army. The house of representatives just passed a plan to set up a volunteer army. This may seem benign to those that have not studied history, those that believe that it can only be used for good. Those of us who know the history of the world know how dangerous this plan of Barack Obama's really is.

Mussolini, just in case you didn't remember was a fascist dictator of Italy in the 1920's and 1930's. He too wanted a civilian army just like Barack Obama wants. However, this civilian army was not intended for good.

The civilian army was used to control the civilians. This may be Barack Obama's plan also, no one knows for sure. Many conservatives are terrified of the thought of a civilian army, but Barack has already convinced members of congress that it is a good idea.

See my next article on the 800 prison camps that the government owns and controls around the U.S. They are currently empty but fully staffed. They are controlled by Fema. Hmm!

Keep your eyes open for Obama's Mussolini Army and let your voice be heard about how you feel about such a thing.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Impeach Obama

Impeach Obama

When California made up its mind about Gray Davis they wasted absolutely no time in getting rid of him, we need to do the same now and impeach Obama. Clearly the guy does not know what he is doing. The problem with impeaching Obama is that we would still be stuck without a good president. Who could we get to take his place?

Unless we can talk Duncan Hunter into it and convince all of America to vote for him, we are out of options. Clearly McCain would be able to do a much better job than Obama, seriously, my cat would be a better a president. However, I do know if McCain could pull us out of this situation. We need some serious help and we need to get started today to impeach Obama before things get too much worse.

Friday, March 13, 2009

American Needs a Lemon Law Like Ohio

American Needs a Lemon Law Like Ohio

If America had a lemon law like Ohio, we could return Barack Obama. At this point, I would be willing to take almost anyone to replace him. Joe Biden looks good, Hillary looks good, even Nancy "God Help Me" Pelosi looks like a saint compared to Obama.

I sure hope Americans get the cotton out of their ears and listen to Obama. I am hoping that they listened to him during his campaign and they remember his promises that he is breaking.

This is absolutely crazy that he was put into office. I know that it was not legal. He did not legally win the election. That is why he just gave Acorn millions more in his stimulus bill because he needed to pay them back for rigging the election for him.

Voter fraud is what put Barack Obama into office, certainly not the good people of America.

Obama Needs to Stop Himself From Spending

I just heard a quote on the radio a little while ago. Obama saying that if they notice any misuse of funds they will stop it immediately. Well, then he should be stopping himself, he is the one that is misusing funds. The rest of America is tightening their belts, but not Barack Obama, he is spending like crazy.

While American's are trying to sell their used cars that they would normally donate, Obama allowed approximately 9,000 ear marks on his latest bill. Didn't he say he would end pork in his administration. I guess that is another lie he promised the poor American saps that he convinced to vote for him.

Of course, Obama also promised that bills would not be pushed through quickly and would be posted on the internet for at least 5 days, but of course he broke that promise too.

The damage that he has done to the economy in just his first two months is unbelievable. I don't think he will win the election in four years because I am starting to think that the country won't even be here in four years.

China will foreclose on the entire country before then. Stop the craziness, impeach Obama now, find his Kenya birth certificate and kick him out of office.