Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How to Teach English Online and Get Paid

How to Teach English Online and Get Paid

Teach English to ESL students and children to make extra income.

There is a huge demand for teachers teaching English, translators and others that are bilingual. If you are looking for a new career or to make some extra income, teaching English is an easy and rewarding way to earn money. You can work online or in person to teach English.

Online Colleges
Contact online colleges to see what positions they have available.

There may be positions available to teach college students English, to teach English as a second language learners or to aid other professors or teachers.

Look below in the Resources section if you need more information about teaching English.

Online High Schools
Contact high schools to see if their students need help or if they have programs in the community to help people learn English.

You may be working with high school students that need help with their spelling, vocabulary or grammar or you may be helping people learn the English language for the first time.

Knowing how to teach English online and get paid will help you to find a new career.

Community Centers
Check with your local community center to see what they have to offer teachers. There may be literacy programs for adults, English as a second language programs or programs to help teach children to read.

Online Elementary Schools
Contact your local elementary schools online to see if they need more teachers. There is a huge need for qualified and certified teachers.

If you want more information on how to teach English online and get paid please keep reading this blog.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

How to Become a U.S. Citizen Fast

How to Become a U.S. Citizen Fast

You can become a U.S. citizen quickly without going through the normal route.
Do you want to learn how to become a U.S. citizen fast? There is a fool-proof way for you to bypass the normal citizenship program and fast track your way to becoming a United States citizen. Join the U.S. military today to become a part of the quick and easy citizenship program.

JOIN THE ARMY - Contact the local U.S. embassy in your country to find out the steps you need to take to join the United States Army. If you join any of the military services of the United States of America, you will be placed in a program to fast track your citizenship. By the time you are finished with your commitment you will be a U.S. citizen, learn incredible skills and speak English fluently. The U.S. Army is very easy to get into and has spots available for foreigners. You do not need to be a U.S. citizen or even be applying for U.S. citizenship to join the U.S. Army or any branch of the military in the United States of America.

JOIN THE MARINES - Contact the U.S. Marines or your local U.S. embassy to become a foreign soldier for the United States of America Marine Corps. Joining the Marines will help you become a U.S. citizen faster by using the fast track program. You will serve in the Marines and apply for your citizenship at the same time. Your service in the Marines will fast track your citizenship application and guarantee that you will become a citizen if you finish your term of service.

JOIN THE NAVY - Join the U.S. Navy by contacting your local U.S. embassy or by contacting the U.S. Navy directly. Joining a branch of the U.S. military will guarantee that you will become a U.S. citizen if you complete your service to the military. Upon completion, you will be a U.S. citizen, U.S. veteran, have learned many skills and speak English fluently. Knowing how to become a U.S. citizen fast will help you to move to America and bring your family here quickly.

JOIN THE AIR FORCE - Join the United States Air Force by contacting the Air Force directly or by contacting your local U.S. Embassy. All branches of the military have a fast track to citizenship program which guarantees that you will become a U.S. citizen if you fulfill your obligation to the military.

Knowing how to become a U.S. citizen will help you to become a citizen of the United States of America faster.

How to Speak English American Style

How to Speak English American Style

Knowing how to speak English American style will help you sound like a native speaker. You can lose your accent quickly by immersing yourself in the American culture and language. Move to an English speaking culture in American and start practicing your new language immediately and all day long.

LIVE IN AN ENGLISH SPEAKING CULTURE - Move to an English speaking culture in America. You will need to completely immerse yourself into the culture to truly learn the language and accent and to lose your accent. You can move to America or an American colony such as Puerto Rico or Guam.

WORK IN AN ENGLISH SPEAKING ENVIRONMENT - Take a job in your new culture to surround yourself with English speakers. You will be forced to speak in English all day long. You will need to learn to troubleshoot and problem solve in your new language.

TAKE CLASSES IN LEARNING TO SPEAK ENGLISH - Take an English as a second Language class (ESL) to help you learn to speak English. You can find an ESL class at the local community college.

TAKE RECREATIONAL CLASSES GIVEN IN ENGLISH - Take other classes in the community for fun or recreation that are given in English. You can take classes such as arts, crafts, cooking, business, etc. It will help you tremendously in your efforts to learn a new language.
Knowing how to speak English American style will help you to fit into American culture.

BE SOCIAL - Make friends and practice speaking in English with them daily. Talk to everyone you see each day to practice your new accent.
If you need additional help on speaking English, please look in Resources below. Knowing how to speak English American style will make you indistinguishable from other Americans.

Monday, November 9, 2009

President Obama wants Health Care Reform No Matter What the Cost

How irresponsible to force a health care bill no matter what is in the bill. President Obama wants congress to pass the health care reform bill even if it will cost trillions of dollars, even if it will make health care worse for most Americans so that illegals and uninsured Americans can get crappy health care.

Everyone that has private health care right now through an employer or otherwise will have to pay more for their health care and get less in return as a result of this health care bill.

Why would any one want a public option for health care?

I know three people on the current public health care plan called Medicare.

Two of them can afford a supplemental health care plan such as Horizon to make their Medicare half way decent. The third person cannot and receives only what Medicare gives him.

The current Medicare system sucks. Why doesn't Obama fix what he already has control of? Why would Americans want a new health care system run by the government?

Obama's health care reform bill that just passed the house over the weekend but by the grace of God will not pass the senate, assumes that many companies will just pay the fine and not follow the rules. What a horrible assumption.

Obama's health care plan will cost the government, businesses and insurance companies trillions of dollars. That cost will trickle down to tax paying Americans in the form of new taxes, less insurance and higher co-payments and premiums.