Saturday, February 27, 2010

Congress Should Pass the Health Care Reform Points Agreed On

Obama is trying his best to strong arm his health care package through Congress. It is hard to believe that he may actually achieve this feat.

Americans are wondering, why can't Congress create a bill with all of the points that Democrats and Republicans agree on so that the American people can have a better health care system?

The reason they will not create a bill with only the things that everyone agrees on is because they want to shove garbarge down the throats of all Americans. Congress and the President would never allow a bill that had full Republican and Democrat approval because a bill like that would only have things in it that Americans want.

If the Democrats are stupid enough to push through Obamacare they will regret it later this year because American will vote them out of office. Obama and Congress think that Americans are stupid, but they will find out that Americans will vote them out of office.