Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Census Takers of 2009

The Census takers of 2009 came to my house yesterday. I live rurally and they actually drove all the way up my drive way and parked directly in front of my front window which is quite a ways from the road. The only question they asked was what the name of my street was. I am the only home on the street at the moment although there is one being built.

They did not get out of their car or try to explain to me what was going on. The woman just sat their alternating between staring at my house and then writing frantically on her hand held computer. When I asked her to roll her window down she did and told me that their are just doing a new map at the moment and not actually taking the census yet. That is a big waste of tax payers time and money. That means that they will need to spend our hard earned money to come to each of our homes twice, once for the new map and once for the census. Thank you for wasting more money Mr. Obama.

I am sure that you know by now that Mr. Obama has taken the cause of doing the Census away from the normal agency and he is now doing it in the White House so that he has access to all of the information. I am sure he wants to know where all of his voters live.

But what was the census women doing at my home? What was she writing down about my house for ten minutes? May be Mr. Obama wants to know how many illegals he can fit into my home?

I wish I had known that the census takers are required to where a badge to prove who they are because I would have requested that she show me hers.

Beware of the Census takers or 2009 and the Census Map takers as well.

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