Monday, March 23, 2009

800 Prison Camps in America Run By Fema

800 Prison Camps in America Run By Fema

Many Americans are unaware that there are 800 Prison Camps in America Run By Fema. These camps are empty of occupants but are fully staffed. Just in case of an emergency of course.

It is not known what the true purpose of these prison camps may be. Some thought it was in case the border was over run with illegals from Mexico. Others thought that may be they were for any terrorist found here in America. The truth is completely unknown.

The building and staffing of prison camps continue. Others are currently under construction.

This prison camps are never spoken of. I am so glad that the media is working for the people. They really keep us informed don't they.

I think that most of the media outlets are now foreign owned. They know exactly what they are doing. Keep information from the American public until it is too late. Did you see how they handled the nomination of Barack Obama?

Demand an answer, Americans need to know why these prison camps are being built and what their purpose may be.

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