Friday, March 13, 2009

Obama Needs to Stop Himself From Spending

I just heard a quote on the radio a little while ago. Obama saying that if they notice any misuse of funds they will stop it immediately. Well, then he should be stopping himself, he is the one that is misusing funds. The rest of America is tightening their belts, but not Barack Obama, he is spending like crazy.

While American's are trying to sell their used cars that they would normally donate, Obama allowed approximately 9,000 ear marks on his latest bill. Didn't he say he would end pork in his administration. I guess that is another lie he promised the poor American saps that he convinced to vote for him.

Of course, Obama also promised that bills would not be pushed through quickly and would be posted on the internet for at least 5 days, but of course he broke that promise too.

The damage that he has done to the economy in just his first two months is unbelievable. I don't think he will win the election in four years because I am starting to think that the country won't even be here in four years.

China will foreclose on the entire country before then. Stop the craziness, impeach Obama now, find his Kenya birth certificate and kick him out of office.

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