Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How to Teach English Online and Get Paid

How to Teach English Online and Get Paid

Teach English to ESL students and children to make extra income.

There is a huge demand for teachers teaching English, translators and others that are bilingual. If you are looking for a new career or to make some extra income, teaching English is an easy and rewarding way to earn money. You can work online or in person to teach English.

Online Colleges
Contact online colleges to see what positions they have available.

There may be positions available to teach college students English, to teach English as a second language learners or to aid other professors or teachers.

Look below in the Resources section if you need more information about teaching English.

Online High Schools
Contact high schools to see if their students need help or if they have programs in the community to help people learn English.

You may be working with high school students that need help with their spelling, vocabulary or grammar or you may be helping people learn the English language for the first time.

Knowing how to teach English online and get paid will help you to find a new career.

Community Centers
Check with your local community center to see what they have to offer teachers. There may be literacy programs for adults, English as a second language programs or programs to help teach children to read.

Online Elementary Schools
Contact your local elementary schools online to see if they need more teachers. There is a huge need for qualified and certified teachers.

If you want more information on how to teach English online and get paid please keep reading this blog.

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