Monday, November 9, 2009

President Obama wants Health Care Reform No Matter What the Cost

How irresponsible to force a health care bill no matter what is in the bill. President Obama wants congress to pass the health care reform bill even if it will cost trillions of dollars, even if it will make health care worse for most Americans so that illegals and uninsured Americans can get crappy health care.

Everyone that has private health care right now through an employer or otherwise will have to pay more for their health care and get less in return as a result of this health care bill.

Why would any one want a public option for health care?

I know three people on the current public health care plan called Medicare.

Two of them can afford a supplemental health care plan such as Horizon to make their Medicare half way decent. The third person cannot and receives only what Medicare gives him.

The current Medicare system sucks. Why doesn't Obama fix what he already has control of? Why would Americans want a new health care system run by the government?

Obama's health care reform bill that just passed the house over the weekend but by the grace of God will not pass the senate, assumes that many companies will just pay the fine and not follow the rules. What a horrible assumption.

Obama's health care plan will cost the government, businesses and insurance companies trillions of dollars. That cost will trickle down to tax paying Americans in the form of new taxes, less insurance and higher co-payments and premiums.

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