Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hamas Steals Food Aid - Wake Up People - They are Terrorists

For weeks now I have been hearing and reading that someone, our government or others, needs to stop Israel's attacks on the Gaza Strip. It just infuriates me that the media and the far left wing liberals have turned this situation into Israel attacking the poor homeless refugees of the Gaza Strip. I know that liberals and the media are not that dumb, they know that Israel is just protecting themselves, but they do not care! They are trying to turn the good guys into the bad guys, typical liberals!

And now we here that Hamas has stolen the food aid for Gaza. Uh, duh! That is who we are dealing with theives, bullies and terrorists. And Hamas is the group that the people of the Gaza Strip choose to represent them in the world. Mr. Obama, Hamas is the bad guy!

The one thing that Obama and the liberals have to understand is that the Palestinians and Hamas do not want peace with Israel, they want to destroy Israel. Make no mistake about it, there is no road map to peace.

Israel is protecting themselves and the United States of America needs to back them up. The liberal media needs to stop twisting the information that they are putting out on the airwaves. We, as American citizens, should demand accurate reporting.

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