Monday, February 2, 2009

Is Anyone Paying Attention Out There - Obama taps Daschle

Another thief trying to explain why he did not pay his taxes, yet we as Americans should just ignore that fact and put him office again. This is really pathetic. Obama does not care if his cabinet has experience, integrity, character or honesty. He only wants them to be extemely left wing. If you are a left wing extremist, then you can easily get a job with Obama. When will Al Sharpton get a job with Obama or Charlie Rangel. Aren't they extreme enough for the big O.

Are the choices for extreme left wingers so few that he has to choose people like Tom Daschle and Leon Pinetta?

I think it is almost time for me to take a vacation. Please let me know where all of the conservatives vacation at so that I do not have to run into any liberal freaks while I am there.

I am starting to think that we need to divide this country in half so that at least we can save half of it. All of the conservatives need to band together. Of course, the conservative side of the country will get the military because the liberal side does not need it. They can diplomatically negotiate themselves out of any position.

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