Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Next thing you know Obama will order all Americans to wear Burkas

I new from the start that B.H. Obama was an extreme liberal muslim, but I thought that he would try to hide it more than he is. I think that he really believes that this is what Americans want, so he is not ashamed to hide it. I can't believe how he is catering to Muslims. The next thing you know he will require all American women to wear burkas just to make Muslims feel welcome.

He said that most Muslims are outstanding citizens. What is he talking about. When was the last time that you heard of a Muslim doing something outstanding. Are there any outstanding Muslim scientist or notable figures that you can think of, NOT! As a culture they are not know for being outstanding unless it is for terrorism.

I do believe that most Muslims would like to lead normal lives, but those are the ones that will be annihilated along with the rest of America as soon as evils of the world can get away with it.

I am just so angry I can't even write anymore. We need to find a decent President now and find Obama's birth certificate from Kenya to boot him out of office.

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