Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Unbelievably Bad Obama Stimulus Package

I cannot believe that Obama thinks this package will benefit America. I guess it might benefit the 21% of Americans that are not Caucasians, but just to be clear, Obama has let us know that this stimulus package is not for the 79% of Americans that are white.

Regardless, this package won't help anyone. Obama appears to be paying back all of the people that voted for him with health care for illegals and money for Acorn. It is disgusting. I cannot believe that congress would even consider passing it, but I guess because everyone is still in the trance of "we must do whatever Obama says", they probably will.

Obama is running the country like a father that keeps his kids nails clipped and hair combed but neglects to feed them. He is not looking at or trying to solve the real problems.

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